Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time you just need to ask us a question - especially if you can't find your answers here.  This is how to reach us: I Have a Question.  

  • Why are you using Facebook to check in contestants and voters? What we worry about is someone hacking into the site, using fake emails or bots to alter the voting results.  Facebook happens to allow us to authenticate users without having to send a separate email to each voter or contestant that wants to participate.  We don't do anything with your Facebook account other than use their interface to verify you're a real person.  If you've used other apps that work with Facebook, you might have noticed that they requested access to your friends, photos, and other data.  We don't do that.  Our only intent is to keep the results valid for the contestants by using Facebook's great validation tools.
  • Why are you running this competition?  The original idea for the class came from student interactions in Steve Martin's Master Class on comedy.  Many of the people were looking to get their start in comedy, and were looking for how to go about breaking into the industry.  The recommendation was to move to either LA or NYC where the action is, so that you can have more opportunities to audition and get picked.  While we don't disagree, we think that an online competition might serve that purpose as well. That's what gave birth to the site.
  • What's the long-term goal of the site?  In Phase I, we're hoping to gather enough traffic to gain wide exposure for the contestants.  We do that using voting, so that friends and other interested parties can see people in action.  Phase II will be to set up an AirBnB-like interface where corporate events, clubs and private parties can book directly with the comedians.
  • Who are the people behind this endeavor? Basically, angel investors who have put up the funds to develop the platform and the voting mechanism, along with the prize money.  There are several advisors, including stand-up comedians, event planners, and comedy venue owners.
  • When can we expect to see Phase II?  We're hoping to add that direct booking facility in the next couple of months.  It's in design and development now.
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