Our Front-Running Entries

In First Place - Ricky Glore (PG)
Third Place - Bob Smiley (PG)
Tied 4th Place - Claudine Ullman (R)

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In Second Place - Marcus Davis (PG-13)
Tied 4th Place - Amanda Cohen (PG-13)
Prior Leader - Tommy Savitt (PG-13)

Compete to Win Prizes

You're all looking for you big break.  Well this is it.  Even if you're not living in LA or NYC, this is your chance to get discovered or just spread your brand.  It's easy to enter.  Just link to one of your YouTube or Vimeo videos in the entry form, add a short bio on yourself, and then upload.  It's free to enter, and first prize in the first competition is $1,000.  The first 100 entries also get a $15 Amazon Gift Card.  We're all about putting money in YOUR pocket, so come take advantage of us.  

Even if you don't win, there could be talent scouts and event managers out there looking for their next show's performers.  Make sure you upload any upcoming engagements, and you can use HTML code to highlight things in your short bio/description andour link icon to link to your next show.


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